Empowering God's Children to Change the World
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In April of 2011 Jenna Haynes founded Mision Vida Nueva in response to her call to serve overseas as a missionary. She felt as though the Lord was asking her to give a new life and purpose to the orphaned and abandoned children of Guatemala. The very same year, Jenna and her husband, Geoffrey, who also shared this vision, moved to Guatemala to begin the journey. Since the beginning, they have been working hard, along with the help and support of many others, to build a Christ-centered, accredited children's home in the Guatemala's poorest department, Alta Verapaz. Casa Gloria will become home and family to children who have been orphaned, abandoned, or abused due to HIV, learning disabilities, becoming a child mother, or whatever other circumstance. Casa Gloria will provide a refuge for these children where they will be loved unconditionally and given everything necessary to succeed in life including the opportunity to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Our hope is that it will be these beloved children who will go out and change the world, one soul at a time.


Our mission is to take in the ones who are least likely to succeed in life and give them a purpose, a family, and a new life. Our home will be divided into family units and we plan to place one caregiver, "Tia", to every four children. We hope to be able to keep the family together until the children have reached an age to leave the home. It is the long-term goal of Mision Vida Nueva to empower the children of Guatemala to be able to go out and change their world and the lives of the people around them in the name of Jesus Christ. Mision Vida Nueva is driven by the belief that the Lord Jesus Christ is worthy of the worship of all people, and that all people, including the orphans of Guatemala, should have the opportunity to know and worship Him.

Empowering God's children to change the world.

  • Jenna Haynes

    Founder and Chairman

    Lives in Santa Cruz, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala

  • Geoffrey Haynes


    Lives in Santa Cruz, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala

  • John Atkins II


    Lives in Opelika, Alabama

  • Karen Atkins


    Lives in Opelika, Alabama

  • Anna O'Reilly


    Lives in Opelika, Alabama

  • Steve Haynes


    Lives in Alexander City, Alabama

  • Nancy Clay Corbitt


    Lives in Tuskegee, Alabama

  • Frank & Kathy Carpenter


    Lives in Alexander City, Alabama

  • Living To Serve

    Living to Serve shares the love of Christ through education and health programs and contributes to the welfare of the population in need.

  • Casa Gloria

    Coming soon.


How does Mision Vida Nueva support itself and the people it serves? We do not write support letters or host fund-raisers or solicit support of any kind. We do, however, trust that the Lord is going to provide for every need of every child and every member of this mission. We know the Lord will use His church to make this dream come alive. We have set up a 501c3 nonprofit organization as a means to be able to accept donations from any person who decides to be a part of this mission. All donations are tax-deductible and go directly to the mission of Mision Vida Nueva and the children's home. While we are just beginning this organization, there is almost no overhead. Donations can be made in the following ways:

Paypal (donate button)

Mail: Checks made payable to "Mision Vida Nueva"
Mision Vida Nueva
305 Lancelot Ln.
Opelika, AL 36801

Deposit at River Bank and Trust
Simply mention you would like to make a donation to the account "Mision Vida Nueva".
Make sure you obtain a receipt to use for tax purposes.

It is amazing watching Jehovah-Jireh provide in miraculous ways, how He is faithful to fulfill what He has called us to!


We appreciate all the prayer support we can get. For specific prayer needs, please check Jenna's blog or the Mision Vida Nueva Facebook page.


Opportunities for teams to come are available throughout this year and we are glad to host you. We believe that hosting teams will help us reach our goals faster and more effectively. If you are interested in coming down or bringing a team, please send a detailed email to misionvidanueva@yahoo.com . Teams can come for construction, community ministries, prayer walking, and vision trips or exploration. If you have another idea for a team, don't hesitate to share it with us. Know that all visitors come as volunteers and are expected to make a tax-deductible donation to the ministry before coming that will cover all their expenses and also to help us further our goal of finishing the children's home and getting the waiting children into our home as quickly as possible. We look forward to seeing you face to face and working together to glorify God in this nation!

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